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Classic Percale - Exclusive Linge De Luxe Bed Sheet

Classic Percale - Exclusive Linge De Luxe Bed Sheet

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The finest luxury sheets on earth, made from the highest quality materials. These supreme 200-thread count cotton/polyester blended percale weaves offer you a perfect combination of comfort and durability in your sleepers needs!


The percale bed sheets are made of 200 thread count cotton/polyester blend (80% /20). This makes it easier to iron and quicker drying, reducing the chance for wearing out in your linen closet! The high quality fabric also looks fantastic on any type or size mattress while being more durable than 100% pure cottons. You can find these plain style with matching duvet covers & pillowcases as well if you're looking for something simple yet stylish - perfect paired up together so one exclusive piece does not go unmatched by another within their set .


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
They were better than expected.

I’ve been using this sheets for a couple of weeks and I’ve been loving the color, texture after I wash it and mostly how soft and gentle it feels after each wash. After the first wash you’ll notice that the material Gets thicker but it also feels softer

I absolutely love these

hese sheets are a lovely muted blue and they look great on my bed with my cream upholstered headboard and espresso furniture

I love these single sheet

The kids and animals have played rough on the bed with no snags or issues. The fabic is super comfy

Soft and perfect!

he sheet set is a beautiful light green color. It is soft to sleep on. It also stays very coo

Bret H
Finally Found

Tried percale sheets. Could not stand them. Didn't feel right. Very clinging. Made making bed a nightmare chore. Went to Goodwill. Back to cotton. Thought last pair of king size sheet where pretty good

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ArkLinen’s high-quality products are frequently used in every season. And right out of the package it has a smooth and soft feel that is recognized for being cool. The linen and sheets are a little easier to maintain than any other fabric; it can withstand harsh washing and can last longer than any other products. Since 2020, a lot of hotels have trusted ArkLinen’s products and up to this day they are utilizing every product continuously.

Eco-Friendly Material

ArkLinen hopes that people can walk a little bit lighter on earth by making better decisions through the delivery process, design and production. Cotton is a completely natural fiber that may easily be collected and grows well in a variety of temperatures. It is sturdy, absorbent, breathable, and washable. It can be reused and turned into a yarn or brand new clothing.


ArkLinen’s products are made up of the highest quality materials consisting of cotton and polyester. The products are built to be the very best fabric products in the industry and it is also built to provide comfort to all consumers. Taking care of high-quality linen and sheets in the right way, can make it last up to 5 to 7 years.

Return & Refund Policy

These provisions apply to both consumers and businesses save for where expressly indicated to the contrary.

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    ArkLinen’s products are made up of the highest quality materials consisting of cotton and polyester.


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