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How To Store Linens Without a Closet

How To Store Linens Without a Closet

Although a linen closet is not required, having a room to keep an extra set of towels and bed linens is convenient. Alternative solutions are available when the storage area is not built-in. The lack of built-in closet for the type of storage in the majority of old generation’s houses forces owners to come up with innovative storage solutions.

Bed sheets, duvet covers, face cloth and extra towels are all kept in linen closets along with other supplies. Living in a small house or apartment, most people could always use a bit of additional storage space. However, for those without access to a designated linen closet, things can become challenging.

Instead of stuffing the clean sheets anywhere it may be found in the overstuffed closet, thinking of organizing a linen closet? explore these variety of ideas:




Usually, a few baskets are needed for linen storage in limited places. Because it looks amazing  and takes up little room, wicker and woven baskets are ideal for storing linens. Some varieties of baskets can be stacked on top of one another, while others can be arranged in a row against a door or a wall.

By including burlap, labels or ribbons it may further personalize the baskets. Baskets are an excellent organizational solution in addition to giving the area a distinct boho vibe. Roll up the sheets and place them in the bedroom or add extra throw blankets to the living room.

Behind the Door



To provide a bit more area for your linens, especially for smaller items, think about storage possibilities on the back of a door. Depending on the needs, there are shelf units that can be hung from the top of the door or fixed on the door. Although this kind of storage is not a long term fix it will provide a quick solution.

Alternatively, a wall mounted or doorback multilevel towel bar can be useful for storage. Depending on where the space is needed, it may add either one to the back of the bathroom door or bedroom door of an existing closet or both.

Closet Space


Short on space and want to keep everything hidden? Think about making room in the clothes closet for extra linens. This is not always the best option, though. Sheets, towels, cotton kitchen towels and other items can be stacked and folded neatly inside of a tall cabinet with or without doors, which will reduce any clutters around the room.

For bed linens that naturally belong in a bedroom, finding space in a clothing closet makes the most sense. It is possible to set up organized storage in the very own closet for linens, though some people may find this to be a bit hard. It also entirely depends on how much was kept in the closet.

Toilet Shelf


 It’s not necessary to hide the linens when storing them. The bath sheet towels and linens can live peacefully on the shelf behind the sink or anywhere else in the open if you fold or roll it in a neat manner. An above the toilet shelf organizer can work if you are entirely out of room. It may very likely discover one that works because it comes in a variety of sizes and shelving unit designs.

 The shelves of a toilet organizer will fit over the toilet and actually extend, giving extra storage needed without adding any extra room to the home. The bathroom closet or shelving space may now be used to store a thick or thin blanket and sheets instead of towels and washcloths to a shelf like this.

Under the Bed


This area is frequently hidden, so there is no obvious clutter in addition to being the area which would otherwise go unused. Storage under the bed is a great option for goods like comforters, extra blankets and sheets. Depending on how high the bed frame is off the ground, you might  use a tote or a basket. But both will appear today and be put together once done.

 Instead of shoving objects under the bed and causing  more confusion, the secret to effective under the bed storage is to carefully pack items into containers and slip it under the bed so it will be easier to find once needed right away.

Standing Shelves

The simplest way to make up for a lack of closet space is to use an armoire, a compact dresser, or another piece of furniture with drawers or shelves to store linens. An open bookcase can also be used as a storage option for linens. To keep matching sets together and to give them some structure, the sheets and bath sheet towels can be arranged in beautiful boxes on the shelf.

Lack of a linen closet is one storage challenge that standing shelves easily resolve. People may choose the standing shelves that will work best for the space by looking at both single and unit options. For the best in space saving, put a standing shelf unit at the living room wall. Otherwise, simply arrange single shelves on the wall, fold the towels neatly, and add some faux flora for good measure.


 Who thought ladders could only be used for dirty laundry? The ideal location to keep clean, folded bath sheet towels is in a bathroom hamper made of cloth or wicker. Simply let the visitors know that it's not intended for washable stuff. The linens can be easily accessed by simply draping them over the rungs. This item works very well as storage for additional linens that people don't have room for and is typically utilized for thick or thin blanket in a living room environment.

This is also an excellent way to display treasured items like heirloom linen quilts that are designed to be viewed and enjoyed if they are arranged in an appealing way. This method is also a wonderful way to store the best handtowels for simple access to the wall space in the bathroom.

Above the Door


Build shelves above the bathroom or bedroom door to store best hand towels and bath sheet towels, additional blankets, or bed sheet stays in a seldom-used area. The linens can be rolled or folded and placed immediately on the shelf or in attractive boxes or baskets. More room is available for smaller objects on multiple shelves. If there is room above a door frame for two or more shelves, be sure they accommodate your collection.

They are out of the way but still conveniently reachable in this hiding spot. Make sure the shelves have sufficient support for the weight intended to fill it with before beginning building these.

Bench Storage

A bench storage box currently owned can be quickly put to use as a place to store linen bedspread and other different linens. Simply fold the items, lay them within, and a bench at the foot of the bed can serve as both beautiful seating and concealed storage. Once the bench is removed there is now more space.for towels and sheets. Alternatively, it may use the area to stow the decorative expensive pillows away at night.

Consider using the bench as a window seat if there isn't space at the end of the bed. The extra benefit of this approach is that the majority of shelves and benches can also be used as seats, making it a wonderful multi-use solution when space for storage and seating is limited or if just needed a spot at the foot of the bed to put the shoes and socks on.

Storage Trunks

There are many different sizes and designs of storage trunks and bags. One can choose from a trunk that matches the style, whether it be rustic or modern. Because it can be open and filled with objects, storage bags and trunks are excellent options for finding a place to keep blankets without a closet.

To keep them dust-free, store sheets and towels in narrow under-the-bed containers or fabric storage bags. Start folding blankets neatly within the trunk once it is full and tidy on the inside. A bedskirt, a big, flowy blanket, silk duvet or even a California king duvet covers will easily conceal the containers under the bed frame.


Do you want to know the secret and Guide to Keeping your Colored and White Linen Vibrant while storing it? First, before rushing to buy any new furniture or storage containers, try to estimate how much space you actually need to save money and frustration. If even one of these solutions won't provide you enough room to store all of your linen bedspread and linen throw blankets, possibly a combination of a couple of them will enable you to triumph in the storage war.

Today, a lot of houses and apartments are constructed without a functional linen closet. Even while you may have enough to keep an extra set of towels and toiletries, you won't have enough room to store extra blankets, sheets, or thin comforter. The majority of these goods are big and take up a lot of space.

What is your preferred method for keeping linens organized without a linen closet?

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