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Featured Image How to Fold Towel

How To Fold Hand Towels To Make Them Look Fancy

Are you never wondering why it is about the hotel bath towels that look so beautiful and soft? Maybe it's because of the fabric softener, but we've got a clue that it's less to do with the fabric and more about how towels have been folded. To achieve that perfect folded look, even at home, you need to abandon the traditional towel folding technique you've used for years and use one of our simple, space-saving tips instead. When you fold them correctly, the bath towels are neatly stacked and ready to be used whenever required. Use these folding strategies to display towels in an orderly arrangement and create an elegant, luxurious feel.

How to fold towel

Suppose you want to make your comfort room look more elegant and luxurious. To make your bathroom look more luxurious and elegant. In that case, you must master techniques to fold your towels professionally. In this article, we will tackle the most well-known methods for folding your towel and transforming your bathroom into the most luxurious bathroom it's ever had. So let's stop waiting and dive right into it:

How to fold a Towel

The best method of folding towels will depend on how you would like to store or display them, like on a shelf, in cabinets, or on the towel bar. Consider one of these four folding methods, and pick the best one that suits your style and space.

Towel Bar Method of Folding

Towel Bar Method

This old method is perfect for folding towels to hang them. It makes towels easy to access to take one and turn it across the bar in one swift motion.

  1. The bath towel should be folded in thirds lengthwise.
  2. Fold in half and return the shorter side toward the center.
Wear-Reducing Folding Method

Maintain the softness of your bath towels by using an efficient folding technique that will keep them from wearing out. Making the fold more efficient to store them minimizes wear and tear along the fold caused by the towel bar.

Wear Reducing Method

  1. Your bath towel should be folded across the length.
  2. Fold widthwise in half by putting the long ends in a row.
  3. Fold the towel half widthwise one last time to create a flat, wide fold easily stackable. If a smaller shape is more pra that is critical for storage, then fold the towel in thirds instead of cutting it in half at the end of the fold.
Spa-Style Rolling Method

To add a touch of luxury, put your towels on display in a spa-inspired roll arrangement. This method holds towels tightly together, which is why it's ideal for towels stored in open cubbies or baskets.

Spa Rolling Towel Method

  1. Spread the towel on an even surface. Then, fold one corner diagonally towards the center of the towel so that the shorter side is aligned against the length of the towel, making a point on the other end.
  2. Fold the towel in half lengthwise. Then flip it over so that it is folded at the side.
  3. The towel should be tightly rolled, beginning at the shorter side opposite the point. When you are at the moment, you can tuck the end inside the roll to keep it in place.
Lollipop Folding Technique

This charming and playful folding method is perfect if you love bright towels. It's easy, and the results are excellent.

Lollipop Style Folding Method

Washcloths or hand towels make the perfect choice for this stylish appearance since they are small. The towel should be rolled lengthwise, then twisted into an arc. Use a safety pin to hold the corners so they won't fall out.

Pocket Fold

Two towels are required to use this design. A large one that serves as a pocket and a small one you can fold in neatly. This is a prevalent method employed in hotels across the globe.

Pocket Fold

  • Begin by using the oversized towel. Fold it in about one-third from the other side.
  • Then fold the towel horizontally in half.
  • Flip it over, er, and then tuck the lower ends to create pockets in the bottom panel.
  • Please use a small towel and fold it into an elongated shape.
  • Then, you can put it in your pocket.
How To Fold A Animals Dream Towel

Specific folding techniques are simple; however, they can be highly impactful. You'll be wondering why you didn't think of it earlier.

Here are some easy ideas that are distinctive as well as elegant. Let's look at how to fold your linen to create animals.


This is a comprehensive step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to recreate the swan-shaped towel you were captivated by on your holiday cruise.

Swan Towel Folding

Revisit the excitement from your first honeymoon to bring romance into your life. This is a difficult nut to break. But, there is nothing impossible after a bit of experience.

  • Spread your towel on a flat, clean surface in a horizontal orientation.
  • You must now create an arc by folding the two top corners. The corners should be precisely in the middle.
  • Continually simultaneously, roll both sides lengthwise toward the center.
  • here ought to be an arrow that points to the opposite side.
  • Then, you can use the arrow as a swan's beak, then fold it into an S shape.
  • Use the remaining material in the O shape. A gorgeous swan is waiting to grace your bedroom or bathroom.

The snake is a lovely easy fold. It is possible to use your hand towel or bath to do this.

Snake Style Folding Method

  • Place your towel in landscape orientation.
  • Then, fold the corners to form a triangle using one side.
  • The towel should be rolled lengthwise.
  • Then flip it around and twist it until it is complete.
  • Use the sharp edge to bend it into an S shape.
  • The other end is rolled to create the illusion of an animal's body.

Your soft and cozy snake is ready to snuggle!

Teddy Bear

Do your children love toys? Who wouldn't? Use this folding method to create the perfect teddy bear from hand towels and a few rubber bands.

Cute little teddy bear

  • Lay your towel out in the portrait orientation.
  • Then take both sides and roll them lengthwise until the ey are in the middle.
  • Fold the towel into two halves from bottom to top, then reverse it.
  • The rubber band should be pushed several inches along the side that is on top to create an appearance.
  • Utilize two small rubber bands to create ear-shaped ears.

Teddy bears make an excellent gift for the holidays as well. Give your loved ones a surprise by putting them in their gift bags. It's easy and cheap!

Make sure you tie your towels with A ribbons

Are you carrying that unique towel you wouldn't w.ant your children to put their hands on? This may be strange to some, but few of us are awed by conserving our beautiful towels to be used by guests or on special occasions.

Ribbon Tie in Towel

One method to make them appear elegant can be to secure them using a color ribbon. It's an excellent method to signal "hands-off," and they are also stunning.

  • Use twine or any leftover ribbons from your crafts.
  • The towel should be folded as you would normally.
  • Place the towels on top and then wrap a ribbon around them.

Do you want your bathroom to be elegant? An iron or brass towel rack is a great way to spice things up. There are plenty of holders who are robust, extravagant, and highly functional. Triple towel racks are an excellent addition that will add value to your look without extra effort.

Decorative Towel Holder

The three layers offer enough space to put your folded hand neatly and a bath towel. Similar to storage ladders, ladders for storage are very popular, so you can also use these in bathrooms. Make sure you choose a waterproof item to ensure that it won't deteriorate.

If you're a pro at making things yourself, you can make a new ladder to make an elegant linen holder.

How To Fold Towels To Save Space

It's entirely up to you to decide if you prefer to fold, roll and hang towels. But rolled towels take less space when compared to flat folded towels.

Towel Stack up to save space

If you're trying to store your towels but need more space, you must test the following techniques for folding towels.

Take Away

Why do you have to yank your towels off bars when you could fold them in a way that makes them look like art pieces? It not only adds luxury to your house but also allows you to conserve space. Use our inventive folding techniques to give your family and friends the sense of a spa. Many of you may discover the process of folding, relaxing, and relaxing.

Be sure to use high-quality towels from Arklinenstore to save energy and time. Take your time while you learn, and keep trying new techniques throughout the process.

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