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Decorating Ideas For Bathroom Shelves

Decorating Ideas For Bathroom Shelves

We all know it's crucial to have the right bathroom shelving because if you don't have good shelving for your bathroom, you begin your day in a mess and your mood may continue throughout the day. If you've got plenty of shelves that are wall-mounted or corner, it's easier to teach your children to place things back in their correct location and save you a lot of time. 

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It's possible that you won't be thinking about them all the time and yet, the shelves in your bathroom deserve care. Every single item should not be scattered in a drawer or put behind in an empty, dark cabinet. They should be in the front and center and be part of the decor of your bathroom.

To avoid creating unnecessary clutter, there are easy ways to freshen up your shelves while maintaining the accessibility of the essentials. If you have modern floating shelves or even built-in ones which you cannot move They're an ideal blank canvas to create the bathroom decor. You can also use ArkLinen’s Store products like a luxury bathrobes, luxury bath sheets, fancy hand towels, and supreme towels to decorate your bathroom shelves to have that simple yet elegant look.

Why Should You Go For Bathroom Shelves?

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There are many benefits to installing shelves in bathrooms.

  • The organized look: Bathroom shelves give a neat and neat look to the bathroom. Cleaning and maintaining your bathroom is effortless if you own shelves for your bathroom. There is no need to get rid of the things which are scattered all over the place since they're all neatly arranged together in one location.
  • Simple to find: Items stored on a bathroom shelf will be in the appropriate space. If you need to find an item in the future it is a breeze.
  • Qualitative materials: Bathroom shelves are often made from top-quality material which is waterproof. They do not break easily when exposed to humidity within the bathroom. Furthermore, they're an affordable way to make a storage solution for the bathroom. You can also add a bathroom shower curtain set. 
  • The shelves are available in a variety of designs: Bathroom shelves are available in a variety of styles and patterns and you can pick one based on the overall design of your bathroom.

ArkLinen Store is here to give you some tips on how you would decorate your bathroom using shelves to your liking.

Assess Your Wall Space and the Purpose

The first step is to determine the area you'd like to put shelves in as well as what you would like to put them to use for and what kind of shelving would be best. Over the toilet? Near the toilet? 

Near the wall, near the vanity? In the shower or near the bathtub? Do you need a shelf that appears to be a ledge above the vanity or floating shelves that are stacked?

It's essential to consider not only the overall appearance of the room but also the way your bathroom functions. Do you want it to be a place for only adults that can have luxury items displayed on sleek mirrors, glass, or lacquered shelves? Perhaps it's a space for the family with endless bottles of bubbly that need some space to be able to thrive.

Choose Shelving that Fits the Space

When you're deciding on shelving units, take into consideration the space. What is the number of shelves you have space for? What length would they take? If your home has a wall that is long and you have a long wall, you might want to install shelves that are larger (unless you have plans of the way you'd like to use the remaining space).

If it's for a tiny area, like the one over the bowl of the toilet, you'll need to make them smaller in length, so they're not bigger than the bathroom. There isn't a wrong or correct answer to the distance the shelves should be. It can also be considered space-saving. However, they must be sized to the walls and the decor around them like the vanity mirror, lighting, etc.

If the shelves will be over the toilet, it's best for they're high enough that when someone sits at the sink, he will not knock their head against it. Eye level is generally the ideal height for at the very least one of them. If the shelves will be close to a mirror ensure that the shelves are level with the mirror that is, they're located between them and account for the size of the bathroom decor that you'll put in the cabinets.

It's not ideal to have your top shelf be so tall that, when you set decorations on it the shelf is a good distance above the lighting and mirror in your vanity. If you look horizontally all your decor items need to be within the same size. An excellent idea is to apply painter's tape to see the length and layout that is the most attractive.

Bring in a Little Plant Life

In the natural, bathrooms may appear chilly and unwelcoming compared to other rooms in your house. Many house plants prefer humid conditions, which makes shelves in bathrooms an ideal spot for some plants to flourish. Also, adding a home plant or two will bring some life into your space as well as add a pop of natural colors.

Bathroom plants offer a variety of advantages. They can purify the air, introduce natural vegetation and plants to our sterilized rooms, get rid of the odor of bacteria, and absorb excess water. They're also current. It is important to select plants that can cope with the extreme humidity in a bathroom.

Repeat Colors

When you're arranging cabinets in the bathroom you should try to find a few pieces that are in that same family of colors. Be careful not to overdo it by putting everything in the same shade; instead, pick a few important items to put on the shelves. Colors not only contribute to the vibrancy of your bathroom, but it also gives personal touches to these spaces that are relaxing. 

Everything from toothbrush holders and storage bins for bathroom decor that coordinates adds visual fascination. It also gives a unified design that brightens the bathroom. You must ensure that you are considering the grout and tiles that are a part of the overall design of the room. ArkLinen’s Stores products like colorful hand towels, bathroom robes, bath mats, and luxury towel set are mostly white so they can go with any other colors.

Less is Usually More

The challenge of keeping your bathroom from appearing cluttered is a constant struggle, and adding lots of things to the bathroom shelves won't solve the issue. Instead of putting everything on the shelf keep only the important items on your shelves, and keep the rest out of sight. To prevent it from appearing boring, you can make sure to add your personal touch to spaces around the shelves. The toilet area is a fantastic location to personalize your space, too.

There are a variety of aspects that work well with a minimalist bathroom design like basic designs, neutral colors, and basic fixtures. A basic bathroom layout eliminates any unwanted noise and clutter from your bathroom and creates a feeling of relaxation and comfort. You can also put them in bathroom storage.

Use Containers as Bathroom Decor

Utilizing baskets and jars to store the toiletries you need is a practical inexpensive, attractive, and economical method to beautify your shelves in the bathroom. To make things easy Try to find containers made of natural materials and jars that permit you to see what's inside. It's an added layer of smart organization that is often lacking in bathrooms.

One of the major disadvantages of shelves that are open, regardless of whether they're located in your kitchen or laundry area, or bathroom, is the obvious clutter. It's also suggested that you group similar items in a single area (things brush for makeup in one location or cotton swabs in another, and luxury hand towels within another) helps keep things neat and also allows you to locate things more easily. It's an all-win situation.


Your bathroom may be your retreat and must be as tranquil as you can. Make the most of your bathroom's potential to relax by placing a fragrant candle or two on the bathroom shelves. They look amazing and are ready for your next bath or to mask any unpleasant smells that may remain. 

A wonderful smell in the bathroom can be comforting and can bring back pleasant memories of particular events that you've experienced in your life. The pleasant scent of the bathroom helps to in creating a positive mood that keeps you in high spirits.

When you're considering which items to put on the shelves in your bathroom consider arranging the items into sets. Also, make sure to leave a little space between the items that you've placed. Combining similar items can create an illusion of order and is an easy method of creating a chic bathroom design. Bring in items like a set of towels or a bath sheet set whenever you're running out and you'll be capable of keeping their appearance consistent.

Whatever the size of your bathroom the shelf design is essential in ensuring that your bathroom is organized and creates an inviting space. Each bathroom shelf is unique and each of these bathroom shelf decoration ideas can help create a vibrant space. With careful planning and carefully putting bathroom essentials in the right place, the perfect bathroom is just a few shelves in the right place.

Determine Your Shelf Style

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If you're looking to pick a shelf design There are so many choices. Whatever you like, you'll need to ensure it's coherent and matches the decor that your bathroom. If you're in a bathroom with more of an industrial contemporary farmhouse style, with many wood pieces with black and white fixtures, floating shelves made of wood, and plumbing pipe brackets could work wonderfully.

If your bathroom seems contemporary and has a touch of glamour glass or white shelves could be right in the alley. If you prefer the beach or coastal theme You might want to think about the live edge or natural edge shelf. It is also possible to add hooks and a bar for luxury bath towel sets, diamond weave linen bath towel, and plush bath towels under the shelves.

Don't Forget Your Personality

The ability to put your stamp on space or style is among the most rewarding aspects of making a change. With all the inspiration that you can find elsewhere making your space personal is a unique experience and creates a feeling of belonging to your home that can't be duplicated elsewhere. 

Personalizing it by using objects that are unique to you can also mean that you design an area or home that expresses your style as well. If you're an individual who is energized by having a wide range of colors and textures, be adventurous and enjoy yourself playing around. If you are awed by one or two objects and desire them to be noticed, that's great as well. 


Bathroom shelves are an absolute necessity to give an overall look to your bathroom. It's both a practical and attractive piece that could transform the look of the entire bathroom. Selecting shelves for your bathroom that match the overall style of the bathroom can bring your bathroom design to a new dimension. 

ArkLinen Store offers a variety of bathroom products to elevate the appearance of your bathroom. We take pride in our towel bath robe, bath sheet towels, microfiber bath mat, washcloths, face cloth towel, and best hand towels. Our products are simple yet elegant and can complement whatever design of your bathroom.

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